‘It was all about me’: The real story behind the downfall of one of the biggest American homes

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) When she was the youngest of three in her family, Liz Miller had a plan to move to Florida.

She was a freshman at the University of Florida and was a rising senior at her alma mater.

She hoped to find a job in a big city.

But she never dreamed she would live on a ranch in Texas.

Miller says she didn’t even know the name of the ranch.

She said she had heard the name before, but had never visited it.

But when she got to her almoors, the ranch was just across the street from the University Of Florida.

“We’d never seen a sign saying ‘UF,’ ” she said.

Miller’s dream of a better life in Florida quickly turned into a nightmare.

She fell into debt, lost her job, and was forced to move back to Texas after her parents died.

She says she has lived there ever since.

She still misses Florida.

But the dream has become a nightmare, a nightmare for Miller and her friends, many of whom are now facing eviction.

They lost everything in a housing collapse that began in 2011, when the housing market collapsed and tens of thousands of homeowners took out a loan.

It didn’t take long for the market to recover, but by 2014, nearly half of the U.S. housing market was at least partially underwater.

Miller said she was told she owed $1 million, and she was now facing a foreclosure on her house, which she sold a few years ago for $750,000.

Miller and other former residents of the Fort Lauderdale mansion are fighting to keep their homes, which are valued at more than $5 million.

The Fort Lauderdale homeowners are fighting eviction for $1.6 million They bought their home in 2004, after spending years in the Fort Walton Beach community of Lakewood.

Now, the Fort Looos have a new lease on life.

They are fighting an eviction by the Fort Lauderes, a group of owners of the property, which was sold for $4.5 million in 2011.

The property was listed for sale at auction in January.

The sale netted the Fort Leones a $1,200,000 cash payment plus a mortgage payment of $2,500.

The buyers of the home, who had no prior real estate experience, are now trying to keep the house, saying they can’t afford to pay the full $1-million-plus.

The owner of the house is suing the Fort Losos, claiming the Fortleons’ actions were a sham and that they are responsible for the collapse.

They claim the Fort Lemons have no real title to the property and are using it to make money by selling homes at inflated prices.

A lawsuit filed by the homeowners last week is the latest in a series of legal actions against the FortLeones, who are part of a small group of Texas landowners who have fought against a foreclosure that has forced thousands of home owners to sell their homes.

In addition to the FortLooos, other homeowners suing the property include the Fort Meyers, the owners of a ranch outside of Dallas, who also have sued the Fortlones.

Some of the other owners are now seeking foreclosure on their homes as well.

The owners of Lakeland, who bought their house in 2006, have filed a class action lawsuit against the property.

A judge has denied the Fort Miami-based Fort Lauderdale owners’ request to foreclose.

The Lakeland homeowners said they were able to sell the house because they were not delinquent on the mortgage.

But their lawsuit says the FortMiami-based owners have “made a mockery of the process” and have tried to foreclaw $1 billion from the property to try to get it back.

The suit says that the Fort Fort Lauderdale-based property is the only home on the property listed for auction.

It says the property was not listed in the listing because it was bought by the owners who sold it to the Florida owners in 2014.

The lawsuit alleges the Fort and Fort Lauderdale landowners were aware of the properties flaws and tried to make themselves look good by offering a 10-year lease.

The homeowners are seeking more than half a million dollars in damages and a court order requiring the Fort to pay $1 in rent, utilities, and other fees and expenses.

The legal fight has sparked a debate about foreclosure laws in the state.

In 2016, Florida lawmakers passed the Real Estate Settlement Act, which makes it easier for homeowners to seek money from a real estate company after the buyer of a home is foreclosed on.

Under the law, homeowners can get money from an escrow company that secures the property’s title and pays off the loan.

But that is a tricky step because many owners of homes with mortgages don’t want to use their own money to secure the mortgage or pay the owner’s attorney fees.

“It was a great bill, but it’s

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