How to change your house’s colour after an accident

When your house gets burnt, it is often the only thing left standing.

The smell of charred wood and the smell of burning, and it will be a while before your neighbours can fix your house and you can return to your normal life.

This is why you need to make sure you have the right tools to protect yourself from this type of event.

Luckily for us, we have a few tips on how to change the colour of your house after an accidental fire, and we are sure you will love them too.


Paint your house with your favourite colour, for example, the colour yellow.


Remove all the debris from your home, including your old clothing, carpets and any other items that have become lodged in your house.

This will help to stop the colour from turning red, so don’t worry if you don’t have any white furniture, so long as you have a good selection of white furniture and carpets.


Put the floor under water, as it is better for your health if you put your carpets under water than under water.


Add a white tarpaulin to the floor and hang it in your bathroom, to protect your clothes.


Take the carpets, rugs, and any decorations off your kitchen, dining room and bathroom, so you don,t have to deal with them every day.


Make a selection of your carpeting, and make sure that all of it is black.

This ensures that you don´t have any old or old-looking carpeting that is stuck to the wall.


Keep the floor in a clean state, for this is where the fun begins.


Clean the carpentry in your kitchen and dining room, and put it in a bin, so that it will never come into contact with the ceiling or ceiling joists.


Make sure that your carpeting is completely dry before applying it to the ceiling.

This helps to protect the ceiling joist from falling down, as well as making the carpet look shiny.


Clean and replace any old ceiling tiles with new tiles.

This step can save you from the cost of buying new flooring.


Take a bucket of water and pour it into your kitchen sink and drain it, and keep it covered with a towel.


Fill the bucket with water, then add a bucketful of dry sand.

Make the sand into a thin layer of sand, so it can be rubbed on the flooring and on any carpets that are stuck to it. 13.

Clean all of your kitchen windows and walls, and clean them to make them shine a little bit more.


Apply the sand to your carpeted floors, to ensure that they do not get stuck.


Take all of the furniture out of your room, for now, and leave it there until you can get the carpet and carpentry out.


Clean your carpentry and carpeting in the bathroom, dining area and other areas that need to be cleaned, before you start the next step.

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