How to dress for the lions in Rome

The lions are the face of the city and their presence is felt throughout the city.

Here we explore how to dress up for the occasion and whether you can get the most out of your outfit.


Dress to the nines 2.

Keep your head up 3.

Wear a hat 4.

Dress like a lion 5.

Wear an oversized hat 6.

Don’t be shy and enjoy the lions 7.

Show off your legs 8.

Make a splash with a splash of color9.

Let the lions be the inspiration10.

Go big or go home – L’Osservatore Romano 1.

Dressing to thenines Dress to your heart’s content and avoid looking too formal.

A relaxed suit or blazer will work just fine.

Wear what you love.

It’s your own personal choice.

For the best results, consider going for something that feels loose, casual and casual, with a bow tie and a tuxedo, which makes you look more like a king.

The traditional jacket, or coat, is the go-to for a relaxed, casual look.

You can also try a button-down or sportcoat.

Wear it with an overcoat, a blazer or a sweater.

If you are the type to go with a turtleneck, opt for something with a slight amount of fur.

A scarf can be worn under the jacket, as well.


Stay on your toes Dress up for your occasion with a pair of comfortable shoes.

For casual occasions, choose a pair that is loose enough to slip into a shirt or pants without feeling too comfortable, but still give you enough room to breathe.

For a more formal occasion, consider a pair with leather soles.

Choose a pair in a greyish hue or brown, or a white pair with a tanish hue.

It may be difficult to find a pair for less than €60, but it is still an excellent investment.

A pair of shoes is also a great way to impress the lions.

A good pair will look professional and casual with your outfit, and will add style to your outfit without being distracting.

For an even more formal outfit, consider the classic suit, which is usually a pair and tie combination.

For those who like to dress down, consider wearing a pair or jacket with a leather belt.

It will look more elegant than a casual look and be the perfect accessory to the rest of your look.


Keep on your head Dress like the lions and keep your head high.

It doesn’t matter how casual your outfit is, you should always be looking sharp.

Dress as if you are a king, whether it’s a black shirt with a red tie or a suit with a white shirt with red tie.

A white shirt that is slightly too big and too short is a sign that you need to take it off and wear something more revealing.

A short, loose shirt will show off your cleavage and it will also give the lions a big break from their usual grooming.

Wear the right outfit and you’ll be sure to impress them.

If they are watching, go for the ball-down suit.

You’ll look much more elegant and classy than with the traditional suit, and the lions will be happier and more comfortable.

Wear black and dark trousers to show off the cleavage.

Avoid the black shirt, however, as it will detract from your natural silhouette.


Keep cool Dress like your lion and look like you have a lot of energy.

If your hair is done up in a long ponytail, try going with a ponytail or short hair comb to make it even longer.

It is the perfect way to wear your natural shape.

For more formal occasions, opt a pair on your belt.

Donning a pair can also be a great look.

It makes you appear more relaxed and more confident.

Wear something that shows off your shape and your curves.

Wear some loose shirts to show your cleft, or dress up in something casual.


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