Flowers, chairs, a tree in the house of floral house in Melbourne’s CBD

The floral house has been a fixture of Melbourne’s Carlton CBD since it opened in 2001, and now it has a new home in the CBD of the City of Melbourne.

The owners of the historic floral house are trying to make it a sustainable home with a green roof.

They are taking on a new name and a new vision for the house, which was originally known as the “Pine Garden”.

A new garden plan for the Flora House in Melbourne.

(Supplied: Flora house)The new name is a play on the word “garden” and the owners say it will “help make the house feel more like a home”.

“We want to make this a garden, it is the place that’s going to make you feel like you belong here,” said Flora’s owner, Sarah Jones.

“We will try and create a sense of community here.”

It’s really about bringing people together and being a part of something bigger.

“The new garden is a bit like a small garden with trees and a couple of branches.”

The plan for this garden is actually about having a couple branches growing up and being able to grow flowers, there’s not much else around,” Jones said.”

But that’s the idea behind it.

“The garden is set to become the heart of the Floras home.

The flower room has a glass window with a view to the garden.

The house will be built in an area that was previously used for a local children’s club.”

They [the children’s] are all really excited about this garden, so they really love it,” Jones added.

The Flora houses main focus is on sustainability, and Jones is committed to creating the best home possible.”

Our goal is to provide the best for the community, and make it the best place for them to live,” Jones explained.

The main aim is to make sure the house feels like a garden.”

I think we’re in a period now where we are seeing more people moving to urban areas, so we’re trying to get people moving in there.

“There’s lots of new people moving into the CBD and we want to be able to provide that space for them.”

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