What you need to know about Thai House Flourala housing agency

FourFourSeconds ago, Thai House was in trouble.

Its property had been condemned and the landlord was in breach of its contract, and the company’s owner was under investigation for criminal misconduct.

Then, last month, a $15 million investment in the property from a local developer was used to help it regain the trust of the community and build more homes.

And it is the kind of project that, for now, the Thai House community has embraced.

The local council is now working with Thai House on its next project, a four-storey building that will be built on the former Thai House property at 7/3rds of its original size.

In this video, we hear from one of the owners of Thai House, Karen Nguyen.

“We wanted to build our own house because we wanted to protect our land, our family and our property,” said Karen Nguyen, who owns Thai House.

But building the new building was the hardest part, she said.

So when the local council approved the plan to redevelop the former site, she and her husband, Steve, set out to find a developer to do the job.

They were approached by two local property developers, and both agreed to work with them on a new Thai House project.

It’s a project that has taken four years to complete, and it has been funded through the Thai Housing Authority, the local government’s housing fund.

One of the developers is a family trust named Bangkok House, which is owned by a local businessman, and which has built more than 60 homes for low-income families in Thailand.

The family trust is a local property developer and a family owned by the Thai government.

It is also a small business, with a total of just $4.3 million in assets, according to Thai House’s financial report.

The Thai Housing Board, which oversees Thai House and is part of the local councils planning process, is now looking for a developer who can build on a site that has been condemned.

That site is at the corner of Stirling Road and South Bank Street.

At first, Thai Houses owner Steve Nguyen and his wife Karen wanted to use the heritage site to build a five-storeys apartment building.

After looking at other properties in the area, however, they decided to build on the site.

The project is called The Greenhouse.

There are three levels of greenhouses.

The first is a five storeys building, which will have two floors and will have a balcony.

The second is a four storeys structure, which has two floors, a terrace, and a small garden area.

The third is a seven storeys construction, which includes an upper building with an attached garage, a swimming pool and gymnasium.

If all goes to plan, The Greenhouses construction will be completed by 2021.

The owners hope to get a grant from the Government of Thailand to help fund the project, and Thai House is also looking to raise funds to pay for its construction.

They are also looking for an investor to buy the site, as well as the land for the building.

“There’s a lot of people out there that are interested in the land,” said Steve Nguyen.

“We don’t know how long it will take, but we are really confident that we can do it.”

They hope the new project will give them a sense of purpose, and they are excited to see what Thai House can bring to the community.

Thai House is now offering to build four homes for families on its land, as part of a four house community.

This story originally appeared on FourFourtwo.

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