How to tell whether your floral is a flower shop or a flower nursery

Prows House in Flagler, Western Australia, is a popular choice among floral enthusiasts, and it is a home for a variety of local species.

Prowse House in Wattledale, Western Australian, is also a favourite for its flower offerings.

But there are also plenty of flower shops, and some even offer flowers for sale.

Prowse’s owners, Paul and Wendy Prowsell, say they are not looking to profit from their hobby, but rather to make a profit from the many thousands of visitors they attract each year.

“We’ve got around 150 flower sales per year.

We’re doing that as a small business, so it’s not for us to profit,” Mr Prowsey said.

Flowers are a common sight at the Prowses home.

They are selling the flowers from their garden and they have the garden garden stocked up with new, seasonal varieties of flowers.

The family’s main attraction to floral gardening is the family pet, a large white cat named Gwen.

Her name means ‘golden hair’ and she is so popular with the family that she has been nicknamed ‘the golden cat’.

“She’s one of the most beloved pets in the world,” Ms Prowseys said.

“We don’t want to sell her off to the highest bidder, so we’re keeping her here for us.”

The Prowsts’ favourite flower, a new type of tulip, has also been on display for years.

While they are also looking to sell, they have decided to give the flowers away for free.

It was an old friend from their past, so they thought it would be a great idea to get her a new pet too.

Paul Prowsels’ favourite flowers, a white cat called Gwen, are displayed on a white flower shelf.

Photo: Paul Prowsel The flower sellers are all part of the family and the family are passionate about their hobby.

She has already received a lot of attention from the public, with people calling her to buy flowers, and other flowers have been sent to her by friends.

Ms Prowes said she was also very pleased to be selling flowers in front of a flower display in the backyard of her home.

“It’s an amazing sight,” she said.

“I’ve seen so many people come over here to buy my flowers.”

It is very exciting for the Prows to see people come in to buy their flowers. 

It’s a lovely sight. 

“We just love seeing people come and see our beautiful flowers,” she added.

I have no idea why people come to us and buy flowers.

We are a family-run business and they are just doing it for us.

When you buy a flower, you get a little box with your name on it. 

Paul Prows Flowers and Pet Garden is one of several flower sellers in Western Australia.

Read more about Western Australia flower shops and pet shops in our Western Australia guide.

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