How to get your flowers in the bouquet

There are plenty of ways to display your floral house decorations.

And some of them are just as good or even better than others.

Here’s what you need to know.


A floral house must be at least 8 feet tall.

A floral house decoration must be 8 feet high and not taller than the ceiling.

Flowering plants will not be allowed in the house or on the balcony.


Flowers must be placed in the correct position and be in a straight line.

In a flower house, flowers must be spaced at least 4 feet apart.

Flowers should not be placed on top of each other.

Flowers placed too close to each other will attract unwanted attention.


Flowers in flower houses must be covered with white flowers.

Flowers can be placed anywhere on the outside of the house.

The flowers must not be covered in any kind of liquid or glitter.


Flowers that are placed in a flower yard will attract ants, which may cause the flowers to become disorganized and attract unwanted insects.


The flowers should be placed next to eachother, as if in a nursery.

This will help prevent ants from entering the flower yard.


Flowers on a wall are not allowed in a floral house.

Flowers will be allowed as long as the flowers are not touching each other or the wall.

Flowers, however, should not remain in a vertical position.


Flowers need to be at the center of the floral house and cannot be placed adjacent to each others.


Flowers are not to be placed directly above the ground or under the water.


Flowers cannot be covered by other flowers, as they will attract insects.


Flowers planted next to the sun should not reflect sunlight.


Flowers do not have to be in the same place.


Flowers may not be directly in front of eachother.


Flowers and plants can be removed from the flower house by using a garden rake.


Flower houses must not attract animals.


Flowers made from recycled material should be stored at a temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit or less for at least two years.


Flowers from recycled materials should be kept in a cool place to prevent them from rotting.


Flowers with no more than four petals should not attract insects as much as a single petal.


Flowers which are covered with a white, transparent substance such as paint or wax are not acceptable in a home floral house unless they are painted or waxed.


Flowers used in the decoration of an artificial fireplace should be removed by a professional to avoid any unwanted odors or smoke from the flame.


Flowers grown in the garden should be separated from their roots by a wire.


Flowers growing in the home garden should not have any sharp, sharp, metal or other sharp objects protruding from their stems.


Flowers grow best in a bright light.

Flowers naturally die in the sun.


Plants in a garden that grow from the back of the home should be protected from the elements.


Plants should not exceed 2 feet tall and should not grow on walls.


Flowers not growing in a single location are not permitted in a lawn.


Flowers for a floral garden are not a garden at all.


A flower garden is not allowed on a lawn or in a backyard.

Flowers belong on a specific location.


Flowers located on a flower farm are not the same as a nursery or a flower shop.


Flowers have no place in a house.


Flowers to be planted are not planted directly on a house or in the yard.

Flowers attached to walls or ceilings are not considered gardens.


Flowers removed from a flower garden should never be removed.


Flowers outside of a floweryard should be cut back with a mower.


Flowers within a flower estate must not have been watered for more than six months.


Flowers at the bottom of a garden are allowed to remain there until the end of the garden season.


Flowers raised outside the garden are prohibited.


Flowers above ground must not cause any disturbance to the garden.


Flowers of the same size and shape as the house must not grow in the exact same spot.


Flowers near a fence must not overlap.


Flowers adjacent to the fence are prohibited on a garden.


Flowers shall not be planted within 6 feet of a house, or within a house garden.


Flowers over a wall that is not visible must be removed to avoid attracting ants.


Flowers hanging from the wall must not cover any part of the wall or be placed outside of it. 43.

Flowers no larger than 1 foot tall are not accepted on a floral yard.


Flowers displayed from the top of a tree must not hang from the tree.


Flowers inside a house that are not visible to the public are not welcome

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